The Extreme Abortion Constitutional Amendment

A proposed South Dakota Constitutional Amendment would be one of the most extreme abortion laws in the nation. Abortion from conception to birth–even horrific late term abortions–would be legalized.

The Constitutional Amendment is confusing and vague and would force future decisions on abortions to be decided by unelected judges rather than by the people.

The Constitutional Amendment is so extreme that it would also override our state’s existing common-sense, bi-partisan abortion policies. Existing common-sense laws that would be overridden by the Constitutional Amendment include:

• Prohibitions on taxpayer funded abortions: overridden.

• Parental notification laws respecting minors seeking abortions: overridden.

• Criminal laws protecting a mother from being forced to have an abortion against her will: overridden.

• Conscience protections so that doctors and nurses cannot be forced to participate in performing abortions against their will:  overridden.

The list of horrible consequences goes on. The bottom line is that this Constitutional Amendment is truly extreme and a grave threat to life in our state.

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